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:banghead: I purchased a 1973 Opel Gt 1.9l w/ weber carb . One big issue I am having at the moment with a few mechanics is over to have a valve cover(plugged), no cover, or a hose to go " somewhere". ! First mechanic pulled cap off because he thought it shouldn't be there. Second mechanic said a hose should be there " going somewhere", but couldn't figure out where. Third try , mechanic plugged it with cap (as shown in picture) because he said it would or was spewing oil . I called opelsource and they said it should not be plugged it will cause leaks and engine can't breathe, and said a hose should go to the carb. But again the mechanics cannot figure out where it goes. I read on another thread that the solex had a spot for the hose, but could find no info about the weber. I bought this car for my son and it is his pride and joy. Unfortunately its been sitting for two months waiting for a solution, we are afraid to drive it and ruin it after a couple thousand in repairs all ready. I am by no means a mechanic unfortunately. HELP!!


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