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Help Pulling Rear axle

I've got a basic question that I'm sure the vast base of knowledge out there can help me with.

I am current removing the rear axle assembly in my 71 GT for the first time. Each manual that I have says something like

" Mark the mating parts of the drive shaft-to pinion extension flange, separate the flange........."

I can't see exactly what 'm supposed to mark and why. I have everything disconnected and the u-bolts off of the rear u-joint. It looks to me like when I disconnect the central joint bracket the whole thing will slide out from the car separating only at the rear u-joint.

What is going to separate here that I should be concerned with re-alignment upon re-assembly?


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In an ideal world each of the driveshaft segments is balanced individually and then again together as a unit. If you move the front driveshaft with respect to the rear one that balance can be thrown off.

That said, I'm pretty sure they were never really balanced together, so it probably wouldn't be a big deal. Besides,when you swap driveshafts the whole works goes out the window anyway, so who knows?
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