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This may sound stupid, but I'm stuck at step 5 in the manual. It says "Disconnect throttle linkage by removing lock pin and unsnapping ball socket from ball on end of throttle shaft." Sounded easy enough, but how do you get the little pin out? This is one step without a picture. I see the ball on the end of the throttle linkage and there is a pin that goes through the shaft and into a U shaped bracket, but I can barely get my hand in there, let alone any kind of tool. Pliers, pin drifts, nothing like that fits in there with much room for leverage or maneuvering. Is there a trick I'm not thinking of? I don't want to just try brute force pounding or prying. Thanks.

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Little Clip

I know what you mean - those little clips resist brute force to the end, then disappear with a "sproing"
The clip is secured by pivoting around the "leg" that goes through the holes in the cup that goes over the ball. They will swivel up off the shaft if nugged in the right place. Just pull up on the curved bit on the other side of the cup to where the long straight end goes throughthe holes. Then withdraw the straight leg up out of the holes.
Put a paper towel under where you are working or you will end upon the floor, late at night, searching the floor for the clip ......... don't ask :eek:


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