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help weber40DCOE to turbo

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I'am opel fan and i haw a kadett c 1200s(year 77) and a wont to put a weber40DCOE and turbo but i herd that i must modifay weber but i dont know how to do that so help me if you know. :confused:
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Yes you can put.You also can put a 2l turbo motor from calibra turbo and for 1000 euro you can tun it to 315 hp and then kadett runs like hell but that isn't fun. The saund of weber rooring and turbo is fun and you can control it on the road and 1.2l motor is old school. From 1.2l you can get 100 hp and then you can control drifting of the car and you are controling the car. I'am doing this from fun not to get as much pover as I can.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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