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Okay I need a little input from the experts here. I getting ready to replace my Weber 32/36 DGEV with a 38 DGES and I need a starting place for the new carb set up. The engine it will be going on is a 2.0L with an ISKY O-66 hyd cam, heavily ported intake manifold, and a Crane XR-700 ignition system. For the exhaust system I have a Sprint exhaust manifold thru 2” pipe to a Magna Flow muffler with 2.5” pipe over the axle splitting into two tail pipes capped off with Monza Pacesetter resonators.

I’m thinking of this as a starting point:

Idle: 50
Main: 150
Air: 175
E-Tubes: F66
32/36 needle and seat

Any and all input will be greatly appreciated!

Seasons Greetings! Brian
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