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We got it for $250. Pretty spiffy, huh?
Thus far we (three guys and a work truck equipped with boom and cutting torch) dropped all the running gear out of it. In fifteen minutes.
Oldopelguy wants the front clip.
Who wants the rest?
All proceeds go to finishing Speedway GT, a very worthy and definitely non profit (dis) organization...

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Yes, it is too nice to part out but we gotta get our parts somewhere, somehow.
So I really hope our friends at Opel GT.com will help find good homes for all that's left of it.
The car is virtually cherry.
Unfortunately, only an Opel lover would appreciate what it is or was, around here that would be approximately nobody. The guy I bought it from had no other offers.

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looks good


Wish I had seen it but I am in San Diego so it would have been hard to know about it from here !

Can you roll this Kadett or does it need to be lifted on to a flat bed truck to transport?

I have many Kadett's and this would be a nice restorable one if you are trying to get rid of it.;)

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The sweet little shell would have to be blocked up just so in the back of a pickup, or would sit nice on a flatbed, even a snowmobile or boat trailer...
I swear we did not put so much as a scratch on this fine European automobile in our drivetrain salvage process.
There would be a little work involved in removing all the bolts whose heads were torched off, but it's all fixable.
The interior could use a quick swipe with Armor-all, and the driver seat edge is a tad tattered.
The vinyl top isn't quite perfect, dang it.
Here's a shot of the passenger side.

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Jeff, what year of Kadett is that? I am embarrassed to say I don't know my Kadetts very well, except for the '68 wagon I once had. If it is a '68, it will have the 1.5 CIH engine (unless it is a 1.1), which apparently has a very desirable head (smaller combustion chambers, good for higher compression ratio), albeit a 3-bearing cam style (versus the post mid-'70 head with 4 bearing cam).

And if it is pre-'71, it has the older (less rugged) differential design, with the roller bearings that ride directly on the axle (versus the later, one-piece bearing with integral seal).

But the bumperettes make me think it is a '71 or '72. Is that right?

After seeing the pictures, I have to admit that I felt a pang of sadness that such a sound car has been gutted. Yes, you still have the shell, but it will never run again, unless a real Opel aficionado takes up the banner.

And Myrna says that it ain't me!


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Kadett primer

Year-by-year obvious Kadett B body changes, at least most of the stuff I can think of off the top of my head:

'66- Old style grill (without fender "wings" or lights)
Old style non-padded dash with ash tray center bottom
Old style wrap-around turn signals under headlights
Retaining strip along font of pop-out windows instead of glued-on tabs
Low back bucket seats
Small tail-lights
All had 1.1 motors

'67- Old style grill, and lights
Newer padded dash
Still has retaining strips for pop-out windows
Still only 1.1 available
Low or high back buckets available
Small taillights

'68- Newer style grill, with lights and wings
Side marker lights on the front added inside fender "notch"
Padded dash available with defroster switch on left
Glued-on window tabs
High back bucket seats
Small taillights (different style)
1.5 motor available

'69- Same as '68, added 1.9 engine

'70- Front side makers moved to flat surface of fender above "notch"
Rear red reflectors added on sides
Wrap-around larger taillights

'71- Same as '70

That would then be a '68-69 based on the grill/ side marker lights. As a sport coupe it would also have had a rear sway-bar and appropriate axle mounts.

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As far as I know it is a 69. Engine is 1.9, solid lifter, flat top pistons. It has the sway bar.
Yeah, I hated to part it out, but all I needed was an engine that ran. Alas, such was not to be. It had spun #4 rod bearing and the piston kissed the head. Block is good, it's in the hot tank as we speak. We also gained a spare diff with the gears we'll need to race at Pablo. And spare parts for the front suspension.
The car could be put back together again if somebody wants to.
Everybody so far wants to trade more parts for what is left of it.
As I need an engine that runs and have some parts to start with, I really need a set of oversize flat top pistons, a radical hot cam, rings, bearings, and gaskets. Expensive stuff, and we have had no luck getting race team sponsors yet this year.
So let me put it this way. Anybody want what's left of this sweet Kadett and want to come and get it and bring some money? If not, I'll part it out further, I know OldOpelGuy needs the front clip...
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