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Kadett primer

Year-by-year obvious Kadett B body changes, at least most of the stuff I can think of off the top of my head:

'66- Old style grill (without fender "wings" or lights)
Old style non-padded dash with ash tray center bottom
Old style wrap-around turn signals under headlights
Retaining strip along font of pop-out windows instead of glued-on tabs
Low back bucket seats
Small tail-lights
All had 1.1 motors

'67- Old style grill, and lights
Newer padded dash
Still has retaining strips for pop-out windows
Still only 1.1 available
Low or high back buckets available
Small taillights

'68- Newer style grill, with lights and wings
Side marker lights on the front added inside fender "notch"
Padded dash available with defroster switch on left
Glued-on window tabs
High back bucket seats
Small taillights (different style)
1.5 motor available

'69- Same as '68, added 1.9 engine

'70- Front side makers moved to flat surface of fender above "notch"
Rear red reflectors added on sides
Wrap-around larger taillights

'71- Same as '70

That would then be a '68-69 based on the grill/ side marker lights. As a sport coupe it would also have had a rear sway-bar and appropriate axle mounts.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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