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Hey, my name is Harry and I am new to these forums. I own 2 Opel GT's, a 69' and 73'. The 69' is a parts car and after I am down sourcing parts for it, will have a ford 351c dropped in. The 73' will be built though. They both have bad bodies, and the 73 will need a lot of work to get going. However their frames are strong, and thats all that matters. They both havent run in years, and they bot h are sititng...it will probably be a long time before I can even get around to them, but I am in the planning process right now. I have to share my limited itme and money between several other cars. The 73' has been mildly built, it has a hooker header, p&p head, msd ignition, block has been sized to 2.0, single weber downdraft on an intake, but I dont remember what intake it has. If I can figure out how to post pics I will put some of the 73 up.

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Welcome to the GT Community!

There are lots of us here that have had fond dreams of fitting great big lumps of cast iron into the fronts of poor wee GTs.
Measure how wide a 351C is and realise how much sheet metal will have to be hacked away. Then think; "all that extra weight on the wee 13" front wheels........."

Use this forum well by searching for information by clicking on the 'Search' in the top blue line and then typing in something like 'V8 Engine' into the search box that pops up. Try 'V6 Engine' or 'motor' as well and see all the info that is available to you.

Hours of entertainment and knowledge.
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