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High Performance Engine Build Up

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As many of you know, I am in the process of developing a GT-4 race engine to take a run at the SCCA championship. I am trying to make more reliable HP than any one else (including Rally Bob) has ever made in an SCCA legal GT-4 engine... that's a tall order.

Along with this I am writing a series of small articles on a performance engine build using the GT-4 engine as a basis. There is/will be information in the series for everyone building anything from a "grocery getter" to full tilt race engines... ok, maybe not much for the grocery getter.

I have contacted Gary and he has said that it is OK to use this forum for asking questions. You can email me directly, but I would prefer to answer questions here so everyone can benifit from the question. Other inputs are welcome too, but let's not diverge this section too much from the performance engine build up.

The first of the articles... starting with the short block are posted on my web site: www.tgsi.com When you get there, click into "Opel Tech Topics"
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Bob D.

Thanks for taking the time and effort to share this project with us. What kind of information can you provide in the way of oil passage way chamfering (rods and crank) and timing cover to timing cover gasket to block blue printing.

Thanks again.
Bob (Rally Bob),

Very Impressive. I do have a novice question, tho. Can you give a description of the oil flow path. I'm now confused, when does the oil go to the engine bearings? The stock path, I thought, was from the pump to the filter and out to the bearings. I'm confused where the oil goes now, after it leaves the pump.

Thanks again for the great info!

PS Never Mind, Bob L., I figured it out!

Thanks Anyway
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Bob Dennard,

I have a question about align boring the Main Bearings.... After this operation is performed, are different size bearings required? Meaning, are bearings with a larger OD required? If so, where does one purchase such an animal?

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