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Holden closure: the end of an era | Warren Murray | Comment is free | theguardian.com



Holden will no go the way of Pontiac, Saturn, Oldsmobile, etc.. Only difference is that they will still sell cars as "Holden" although they wont make any.

Wonder how long until all Holden and Vauxhall dealers are turned into Opel dealers, and Opel carries the GM Banner in all (except China) International markets..?

Truly Sad.. they make a great car. Hopefully they bring production of larger RWD back to America to sell as Holdens..

They JUST started selling the new SS based off the Commodore (G8) Chassis in CHevy dealerships, and so far from what I have read they are selling out.. !

I love my GTO, and was considering a SS. Might consider it more now.. as I know the model will be gone by 2017
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