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Hood Hinge Repair

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I've read some of the threads on the hood hinge placement but I still have a question. I think that you're supposed to weld or rivet, but I really don't want to mess up the paint. Would JB weld hold it in place?
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I took a couple of pieces of 1/4" X 2" metal strap, laid it up against the structure, drilled three #8 holes in each one and one hole for the hinge bolt. I used 8-32 allen bolts with washers and self-locking nuts to hold the straps to the front of the structure. It works just fine with the "Lenk Tuning" hood, although I did have to mod the structure behind the MC booster, the hood fit a bit too close to that structure. I can post pics tomorrow if needed.
Dave, Here's the pics of what I did to repair the rusted out hinge attach points. Note the hardware is loose and everything attached is "finger loose", I gotta finish painting that area today. Here's the before, pieces, and installed, kinda, both sides. HTH.


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My original holes for the hood hinges had been rusted through, so i did something similar. Instead or using 2 pieces like namba, i just took 2 solid strips of aluminum; drilled holes in the strips and body; and bolted them together, pinching the mounting "flap" of steel in between.

A little off topic, but namba, arent u the one who put a v-6 into your gt? If so, can you post some pics of the final engine bay setup and if possible some pictures of the steps you took.
Hood Hinge

Thanks namba and jersydave I had a hood hinge rust out like that was looking for a way to remount the hood hinge
Just to get this back on topic, kinda, I would suggest using two pieces. Mainly because the body curves a bit there and a straight piece won't go from side to side, IMHO, to give the structure much support. I've got mine slammed up against the upper structure as tight as I could, held in place with vise grips then drilled the holes through the structure and the metal strap at one time. Less slop that way, again, IMHO.\

Matt240Z, check out the Willit? Update thread for mods to the engine bay for the V-6, I'm still waiting for Gary to finish the Beta on the Articles Section so I can upload the rest of the Phases for the actual engine/tranny swap
Just got home from work. The posts look great, especially the pictures, I'll give it a shot when we don't get rain. I'm working outside becuase I had to put my embroidery machine in the garage.

Thank you for all the input

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