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the horn wiring is simple!!!! the brown wire is ground and the other is hot.... the hot wire alyways has power with the key on.... that your 12 volt test light out and connect the clip to the ground on the frame of the car and with the key on touch the probe to the hot wire... if it lights the power side of the circuit is working fine

next clip the alagator clip on the test light to the brown wire at the horns and with the key on touch the probe to the hot wire.... have someone push the horn button.... if the test probe lights all the horn wiring is working correctly and it is time to replace the horns... there about $10 each at the auto parts

if the positive wire is not getting power check the fuses.... if the negative side is not making a ground check the horn button on the steering colum.... its a simple repair

get your headlights going??

Joe Van Wagnen
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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