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Same issue in 73GT

Hi. Seems my little pride and joy does not have a unique problem. I used a file found on the ground to hot wire this little girl. This did get me some looks from the locals enjoying their ice cream cones as I am sure they were expecting this "yank" to blow herself (and others) to kingdom come when they figured out what I was about to do. I thank my Navy Chief for teaching me this trick in Australia.

Anyhow, I bought this car for my husband and it seems after I drove it off the lot and two hours later into a gas station, she would not show any signs of wanting to start. The following morning she cranked right over, and over again after I was paranoid that I was duped and would have to endure "the look" from my hubby.

So I will look over the suggestions here and allow my hubby to tinker.

I could tell immediately that I had done the right thing the minute he saw this girl. He, like many of you, had one when he was a young lad and some 20 years later the picture of it still is on his refrigerator. I am a Corvette girl myself, but we all have our own "dream car" issues!

This is a great site!

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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