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This intake is the same as mentioned in the intake modification article you can download at one of the many tech sites we have.

This particular one was done by Bob Legere as a prize at the last OANA Carlisle meet.

I hated to actually mount it on my car since it was such a piece af art. ONce I did though, I was estatic with its performance. This intake used in conjunction with a 38DGAS or 40DFAV and a 75 exhaust manifold absolutely was one of the best things I could have done to the performance of my car. I had already added the 2inch exhaust and 75 manifold to my 2.0L motor, and had an impressive motor. With the addition of this intake and replacing the 32/36 with a 40DFAV. I easily bolted on a 10-20% increase in overall performance.
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