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Can anyone help this gent from the UK ?
Q : How long is the bolt through the upper wishbone ?

More detailed question : My upper wishbone bushes are worn so I’m replacing them with up-rated poly ones (easier to get than original) and while I’m at it I thought I’d replace the nuts and bolts that fix it to the cross-member, unfortunately nowhere stocks them anymore. I have found a place that has the bolt listed for an Opel GT, but I don’t know whether they are the same as the Manta - this is where you come in - Basically, how long is the bolt through the upper wishbone on your !
GT? I’m hoping it’ll be about 10inches (257mm).

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Tell him to do a search (on the web) of fastner companies. My Dad was in the fastner business and you can get just about any diameter, and length you want, except the DREADED 9mm intake/exhaust bolts. Lawson, Kamkar, Premier, Brighton Best, VSI,are some names that pop into mind.
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