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How would a SSD weber work with auto trans?

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Not sure if its been tried yet but what would be the issues involved in adapting a single side draft Weber to an automatic transmission. I'm speaking 1.9l-2.2l of course. I believe a side draft carb is much better than downdraft on these cars, and would probably give better driveability.
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The sidedraft carbs are certainly easier work on. The SSD config has the additional advantage of shared plenum versus individual runner for DSD, something I hadn't even considered when I first heard of SSD's. This allows for better idle and off-idle response due to the fact that there is a more consistent vacuum pressure across the intake runners, whereas the individual intake runners of a DSD do not share an intake plenum, and therefore you get vacuum pulses at the carb throat. This is great for higher rpm's but not so great at lower rpm's.

Now that I have strayed from your original question far enough... the only issue that you will probably have to deal with when working with an automatic, is if there is a kick-down cable. I am not familar with the automatics so I can't be anymore specific than that.
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It's easy enough to drill, tap and fit a vacuum line in an appropriate location, but I'm willing to bet the linkage will take some concerted ingenuity... a perfect opportunity to work on those fabrication skills.
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