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How would a SSD weber work with auto trans?

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Not sure if its been tried yet but what would be the issues involved in adapting a single side draft Weber to an automatic transmission. I'm speaking 1.9l-2.2l of course. I believe a side draft carb is much better than downdraft on these cars, and would probably give better driveability.
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Transmission down shift linkage and vacuum line.

The transmission downshift cable is connected to the linkage at the firewall and there is a stop that holds the cable. There is a vacuum line connected to the tee fitting on the intake manifold where the brake booster hose attaches. The fitting of an SSD to an engine backed by an automatic is no more problematic than with a manual. The jetting might be different based on the performance of an automatic, but the difference in fitting of the carb is of no conseqence.

Good luck.
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