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Humorus story from a first time poster

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Hi All, Well this is my first post and I just had to share this with you.

About 2 months ago my husband and I bought me a 1974 Manta Luxus. I love this car...it needs some work, but then that is the beauty of having grown up around bikers and car guys. :) But it is driveable and actually runs pretty good, basically all the lights work, wipers work, blinkers work...brake lights are a little dim but they work!

So the other day I am on my way to work and I see a Sherriff behind me, so of course I get a little nervous(doesn't everyone?)...and sure enough he red lights me. He gets out of his car and walks up to my window (this is when it gets kind of funny..) The first words out of his mouth were.."wow...this is a classic!" Then he says it's no big deal but I might want to have my brake lights checked. Then in a kind of off handed manner he says "by the way...do you have your driver's license on you?" I tell him yes and hand it to him...and I have my registration in my lap. He never asked for Registration or insurance, called in my license, wrote up one of those little green cards (he asks what year is this? and it's an Opel right?) and that was it.

Now, mind you, I told my husband when we first bought the car...I just have this gut feeling that I'm going to get pulled over just so some cop can check out this car!

Anybody else ever hav this kind of thing happen?

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I don't know about anyone else, but, I have. I had just gotten my current GT (69 model) this was about early 90's and I just accelerating onto I-285 (perimeter hwy around Atlanta, GA) I had just gotten up to the speed limit, when out of NO WHERE there's a "county mountie" behind me with his bubble-gum machine going. So, I pull over, not knowing what I did, and waited. He doesn't even put on his hat, but, comes running up beside the car and kneels down at the driver's window. Now I'm REALLY confused. He has this big cheesy grin on his face and introduces himself, says he's been looking for months for an Opel GT for his daughter going to college and would I be interested in selling mine. Well, when I finally came back to my senses, I had to tell him no, because it was my only car at the time. I asked was I going to get a ticket for saying no, he just started laughing and said no, and that he was just glad to know that there were still GT's out there to be had.
i have never had a cop stop us to look at my opel, but we did have one psyched opel fan block us in the gas station so he could check the car out. he said he wanted to be sure we didn't leave before he could check the car out and chat about it. crazy man is what that is...lol
My Opel is not drivable at the present time... But my 70 Challenger is. About 10 years ago, right after I put a fresh engine (425 hp) in I was filling up at a gas station when a cop pulled in and came over to look my car over. A Plum Crazy Challenger T/A with dern near open headders does attract attention. He asks me a few questions and then asks if I want to race. Now mind you my car was running 12's in the quarter. I ask him what against and he says his police cruzer. My dad has a 69 Coronet with a 440 magnum and I rememberred the same cop asking him if he wanted to race too. Regardless, I told him I only raced on the track... what are you supposed to say to a cop asking if you want to race? Probably had another cop around the corner waiting to impound my car when we started racing...

I have a 73 Manta and have had other manta's. The worst excuse I have endured for being pulled over is that the officer said that my license plate light worked but he did not feel it was bright enough. I live in the city and made a point of showing my car to the local precinct cops. You drive a very rare car and are a mark every yahoo deputy dog 22-year-old JR sheriff’s assistant. Remember that after a night of
zest-at-the-fest. It’s not a good car at bar closing time even if you haven’t had a drop.

Once back in Ca I got pulled over in my stock 74 while sitting at the light in the middle of the afternoon. I was working on one side of the prune-like body of the car and had a dent puller in the trunk that Officer Zealous discovered. “This is a burglary tool!” he exclaimed with a delight (as he couldn't find anything else to bother me about and the plates were good and the insurance current). Somehow the he managed to ignore the fresh bondo and putty glaze all over the car.

A few moments later the SGT arrived to take a look at the “burglary” suspect. In a few very clipped short sentences he summed up the situation His scornful comment to the jr patrolman was and I quote: “It’s an Opel. It is a General Motors car. A 1974 Manta to be exact… that is a dent puller… and look those are dents!” … Why don’t you apoligze to the gentleman and let him go on his way. Now if you really hustle you can get a hat trick today, I saw a pinto and a AMC Pacer parked on the El Camino by Bob’s Big Boy run along and see if their tail light works…..

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Glad to know I'm not the only one! :D
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