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I worked On the opel yesterday!

So the other day my grandpa put the opel in the nice barn with his other cars so the opel is now with some sportscars.
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We got some 2 inch exhaust pipe to go over the rear axle. It was already bent since it was off a john deere combine and it fit very nice!
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Then we got the resonater(or gasspack) that was on my grandpa's spitfire and we drilled two holes on the side of it for the dual exhaust. Then I welded those pipes all the way. My welds weren't that great because my grandpa neded to trun the heat up on the welder. Then I welded two bolts to the pipes.
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Then we drilled two holes in the resonator bracket so we can bolt the resonator to the bracket so it will be very easy to take on and off. Then we drilled a third hole in the glasspack for the pipe that goes over the axle, We also capped the glasspack off at both sides. Then we put it all together and started it up, and realized we ran out of gas. Then it started smoking very bad because we forgot to hook up the choke wire. We put some more trans fluid in it and I drove it around.I even got to drive in the field!!

The exhaust is a lot quieter but it has the same ton as just the glasspack. When I was driving it wide open in the field At like 5,000-6,000rpm it gets so loud and sounds like a mix between a rally car and a sportbike. It also is very fast too.I was not expecting it to hit 50 mph so fast! I kind of freaked out my grandma because she Was scared I was going to crash since I was going so fast. Then I did some drifts around a turn and that was so much fun. Now I know why opels are so much fun to drive!!

I had this all on my gopro so youtube videos are coming soon. You guys just would't believe how good it sounds!

Thanks Sam
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