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Boat stuff

Try your local boat supply store/ marina. Almost every large boat with an inboard motor has a remote fuel filler connected to the tank via a ruber hose of some sort. The 1.5" stuff usually runs @ $30 a foot, but you wont need much.

Another option might be to use either exhaust pipe or electrical conduit. Conduit has rather large bends, but is dirt cheap at any Lowes or hardware store. Anyone who can weld body panels should be able to weld together chunks until the bends are right. The same could be done with Autodrone exhause pipe pieces. Exhaust pipe could also be bent-up by any good muffler shop, probably for less than $25.

I would also recommend getting some of the foil-type heat riser tubing and bending it into shape for a mock-up to copy so you don't have to be going to and from the car all the time. The muffler shop would definatly appreciate it.

Good luck.
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