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i need to find a opel kadett ralley b

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my name is chuck evans and i used to have a 69 kadett ralley b, orange and black stripes and would love to have another, right now im restoring a opel gt, i have three trying to make into one. please respond
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please find me a 69 ralley kadett b

i live in douglasville, georgia. i have three of the gt's but i want the kadett i had in the early 70's, it was orange w/ black stripes, and it had the two fog lights in the middle of the front bumper
ok, can you e-mail me the phone number? thanx
ok then give me the address and i can go over there
cool, thanx ill go see him tomarrow, hes only like three exits from me. thanx agian for the help, i appreciate it!
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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