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I Removed the Valve Cover and Found This...

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While disassembling my GT I found that the Head on the engine had a big letter "H" and something clicked.

I remembered when I was pricing and researching the Opel Gt, I found this very useful article here in this forum...


In the Article it mentions that in '68-'69 Gt's had a 1.5 "H" head that produced more compression. It also has a 72 stamped on it so I would think its just a normal Head. Because my car is a 73.

Can some one here take a look at the pictures and tell me if there is anything unique about this...


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:D Never mind I just re-read the article and It seems that this indeed is a72 Head beacuse of the 2 extra allen bolts in the front... :rolleyes:

...I love it when I answer my own questions. :D
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