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Ignition switch issues

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I have looked in the threads and haven't found anything on this. Is it common for the ignition switch to go out of a GT? Mine sticks in the run position, like the spring is bad. If this is a common problem i will replace the swich. Also how is the switch taken out of the column? Is it as easy as a roll pin or does the column have to diassembled?


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An "otto-start" circuit is employment of a relay , triggered by the ignition's switch "start" position, and providing current to the driver's-side spade terminal of the starter solenoid from (usually) the big "battery" post of the starter solenoid or any other high-powered junction (maybe an installed distribution block)... Thus, the trigger current of the starter does not pass through your valuable and expensive ignition switch (but through the cheap and easily replaceable relay), which removes load and prolongs it's life. You can find plenty of information on the subject if you do a search in the electrical section...
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