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hey guys, sorry its been so long since i posted here but life has a way of making things really complicated. its been about 4+ months since the last time i posted but i thought i would give you guys a recap.

i bought a 70 GT from a gentleman in cali for the princely sum of $2200. it looked like it was in good shape and i thought i was getting a deal on it but unfortunetly the car didn't make more than two months before i had a massive brake failure and darn near killed myself (i live in a podunk town where big ford F350's and SUV are the way of life and almost met two of them rather personly but managed to dodge between them). i got the brakes half assed patched and was waiting to fix them up good when the motor seized on me (once again this was right after i spent a bunch of cash on parts to tune it up and do all the maintanance)

so i decided it was time to put a new motor in it. but i wanted something a bit different.... i used to own a 87 tbird TC that would run almost a 13 flat with almost nothing serious done to the motor(turbo 2.3). so naturely this looks like the best choice for me. they are capable of an easy 300+ street going HP and 9000+ redline can had with minimal effect to engine longevity

i was starting to save the cash to get everything for it when i suddenly had a dumbass relapse and shot off to portland oregon to try see if i could get things to work with my GF. long story short, i went up with about $3000 cash and now i'm coming back with about $3000 IN DEBT. defintitley not fun.

but there is a silver lining to this cloud. i may have a job i have been trying to get for a while and if i can get it i will be starting off at $12/hr and hopefully by the end of the first year with the company i should be at $18/hr. my family is helping out and i will be moving back in with the parents for a while so it looks like i can get my bacon out of the fire and maybe even get my car finished with this year or so.

i hope to do a full steinmetz body kit, a built 2.3T, fully setup suspension. looking into possible rear end swaps(looking at either toyota truck or maybe a supra rear end if i can engineer it right). and a done up interior. not too much i think :rolleyes: ;)

anyway sorry for the length just thought i would let you guys know i haven't given up and say hi to all ya.
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