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In Dallas for a few days

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I'll be in the big D for a few days the first of this week. Any of you Oplers want to get together for a drink on Tuesday after work?
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I will PM my number also, would be interested as heck to get out for a drink, maybe I won't have to drive the Truck to work that day and can get away with driving the GT.
Mini meet great Fun

It was good to meet you Henri, had a great visit, and enjoyed the JACK :D , I made back to the house just before 12 so my trunk didn't turn into a sheep:eek: . Anyway next time your in town we will have to do it again. And if you can't pick up the side pipes I can get them and bring them to Jackson the first part of December when I head to GA.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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