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In need of inexpensive manta parts for GRM Challenge

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Hi everyone. A friend of mine just got back from the 2005 Grassroots Motorsports challenge in Gainesville, Florida. He said it was a BLAST. So I decided to prepare my 73 Manta for the 06' GRM Challenge. It's an X-SCCA F Production car, so it should be somewhat competitive with some much needed parts. It's been dormant for 3+ years. The rules will only allow $2006 to be spent (including the cost of the car) so I only have $1006 left in my budget. I'm planning on going to Carlisle to hopefully find some good used stuff. Here are some of the items I'm looking for, so please get in touch with me if you have anything I might need. I would greatly appreciate any help. Front Rotors, Rear Drums, Suspension Bushings (poly), Front spoiler (does not have to be in great condition), Headlights & Engine gaskets (1900) THANKS
Jill Canuso - [email protected]
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How's it going?

Let me know if you need anything? Anything I got on the shelf is yours.

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