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Insane GT build Up (Talon mitsu 4G63 engine)

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Thought I should fill you guys in on the progress with my project GT.

Took a couple pics of the new parts I have getting ready for the Opel. I got an engine from a 1990 Talon TSi (which happens to have a Hyundai valve cover), the whole wiring harness/coil pack/throttlebody from the same year car, a Precision Turbo & Engine SCM61 turbo rated at 620hp worth of flow and a 3" GM LS1 MAF. I already had a K&N Typhoon filter, so I attached it to the MAF. The suspension was completely disassembled and covered with POR-15 and BlackCote topcoat.

The engine block itself is currently at a machine shop getting a full rebuild plus JE 9.0:1 forged pistons, ARP head studs, ARP rod bolts, ARP main bolts and a metal head gasket. I'm also getting a Holley fuel rail and Holly 65lb/hr injectors to go along with it. Still searching for what to do about a tranny and rear end though?

Should be interesting next year. :D

With proper tuning, it should put down somewhere around 450 rear wheel horsepower. I'm looking forward to that...
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Dodge challenger

I'm pretty sure the 79ish Dodge Challenger and Plymouth Sapporo(?) have a 5-speed that'll work for you. Possibly the trucks as well. Looks like the clutch is at least the same. Good luck!
rangerrick said:

Thanks found the pics in your updated post! You got a lot of work ahead of you! Your new powerplant looks great and a good fit!

Thanks again,
Thanks, but the 4G63 swap is now cancelled. After a lot of work trying to source parts and make a FWD-based engine RWD, I gave up on it. Just not going to happen without a huge amounts of funds.

I'm exploring other possibilties right now. Possibly 3TC Turbo, maybe 4AGZE, or maybe just a KA24DE out of a 240SX. Who knows. A guy here has a BMW M30 motor (3.5 litre straight-6, 210hp) swap package he would sell for $800. That might be an option as well. Keep it "all German". :cool:
? 4G63 ? what tranny?

Can anyone tell me what tranny would work with the mitsu 4G63 engine, I don't want my shifter behind the seat, the closer to stock it looks the better.
Or does any one have an oppinion or a rx 7 rotary implant vs the 4G63 turbo, either way my "lil red wagon" will have a turbo and spending 10 grand on an opel engine with a turbo that can't handle 4 pounds of boost without running some exotic fuel that costs $8 a gallon is not an option. As bad as I have to say it, unless anyone knows if a rear drive porce tranny would come close to fitting ?
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