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If you are just trying to replace the clock, you don't need to unplug anything, except maybe the battery.

The steering column has the four bolts you show. Take those out.

The column will bend at a U-Joint and drop to the floor, out of the way nicely. Nothing has to be disconnected.

Then, remove the screws you see in the face of the dash. There might be two screws on the side, down low. There is another thread here that has some great documentation in the dash removal. Check out this thread for the dash. http://www.opelgt.com/forums/showth...&perpage=15&highlight=alternator&pagenumber=3

The dash panel can be pulled forward, gently. Watch the clips and wires at the top. They tend to hang up on the attaching hardward.

Your dash should lean forward plenty for you to get to the clock.

Note: the only thing in the dash that doesn't come with it is the heater slide knobs.

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