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Installing distributor

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The is re-ground and new rings installed, now to put it back together. According to the manual, I install the head with cylinders 1 +4 at TDC, and the ball on the flywheel is ligned up. The timing chain is put on in accordance with the line up marks, but then the manual says to rotate the engine 360 degrees, line up the ball mark and install the dist.

My question is: Which way does the engine rotate: from the font, looking back at the car; is it clockwise or counter clockwise?
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i can't remember either, but you can always tell whether the engine rotates clockwise or counter clockwise by looking at the fan. we all know that the fan pulls air through the radiator, so it can only spin one direction......so the direction of the blade pitches will tell the story.
Clockwise, so turn the crank bolt like you are tightening it. After you turn the crank, #1 & 4 will be @ TDC again but now # 1 is firing. The cam gear mark should now be 180 degrees (or opposite) the mark on the cam gear rest.

If you have a mechanical feul pump, it must not be installed so that the distributor can slide all the way into place.

Tom C
i had a rough time getting my distributo in one time, trying to tget the distributor to enguage into the teeth on the cam, and fit into the slot on the oil pump gear, only fought me once but it was one hell of a time. had to drop the pump cover eventually.

Good to see that you are making progress.

As Tom has described, when you line up the cam timing, the #4 piston is at the "firing" position (which is what causes MORE foul-ups than thing else about the Opel CIH engine!). Then, when you install the distributor, you need to turn the crank 360 degrees (which really doesn't matter WHICH direction, since you end up in the same place) to get #1 in firing position. Here's a photos of the cam timing, and remember that the #4 cylinder is in firing position at this time.


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And here is a photo of the distributor installation, AFTER the crank has been rotated 360 degrees, putting #1 cylinder at the firing position. Note the angle of the oil pump drive slot. And that you have to start the distributor slightly more clockwise to allow it to line up as the drive gear is engaged


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if you turn anti clock wise dont you end up with a miss alighned cam as the chain is tensioned the worng way
i always had it drumed in to me that you sould always turn the right way to keep things right
ps a good way to find the right way to find the rotation is the crank pully bolt. if its right hand thread your engine turns that way and opp applies for anti clockwise (if you only have one pully bolt if 3 or more spim starter and that is correct way)
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