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Get some "Binder clips" (The kind you use to hold a thick stack of paper) from a office supply store and some 3M spray adhesive.

Let the headliner sit in the sun for a bit to warm up and stretch out.

Place the metal bows into the headliner and install the front one. Clip the headliner to the front windshield lip. Work your way back using more clips at the door lip. Once you are satisfied that it is centered and will fit, go back to the front and remove the clips. Spray some adhesive, replace the clips, work your way back. Use a hair dryer for small wrinkles.

Put the gasket on the glass.
Place some heavy twine or 14 - 16 ga wire in the gasket channel. Place the window on the car with the bottom of the gasket over the lip and while applying gentle pressure on the outside, pull on the twine to roll the gasket over the lip. It helps to have a helper, but I have done it alone.

Good luck

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The clips worked great along with your idea of setting
the liner out in the sun. The head liner looks great.

The windows went in really smooth too.

Thanks for the help,

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Do you have to take the windows out to put in the headliner? And if so, is it pretty easy?

Also I read another article , somewhere, that said you glue the headliner to the frame. Is there not foam or somekinda spongy stuff that goes on first?

I'm sure there is an article on this somewhere but this was all I found when I typed in "headliner Installation"

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Headliner/Window Installation

Headliner question:

1. will a sheet of insulation between the headliner and the roof be of any value (especially in Ariz.) for inside temperature reduction and/or noise reduction?
2. While I have it off, I am contemplating installing a central dome light. Any suggestions on that mod? This would come from a 700 series Volvo with a "floodlight" when the doors are opened and individual driver/passenger focused beams.

Window installation question:

Is there any filler or sealant required to install in the rubber channel, or is it just an interference fit?

FrankenOpel needs more bits and pieces.
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