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Recently, a member posted about the little plastic plug that popped out of the hole just ahead of where the dipstick goes into the block. Well, I have one now. Set the "Way back" machine to a few years back, I had this same thing happen to my 74 Sportwagon. I assumed it had fallen off on the road and there was no sense looking for it. I carefully took a tap and threaded the hole and put in a threaded pipe plug. I changed the oil several times in quick session to make sure that no metal particles were left. It's been several years and several thousands miles and nothing has happened so it's seems I got all of it out. Well fast forward to today, I aquired an airdam for my Sportwagon, from Germany, and was out installing it. Well, I took the splash pan off to get better access to the screws I was using to install it. and as open as it is on the front of a Manta or Ascona without the splash guard there, I decided to change the oil and filter while I was under there. While waiting for the oil to drain, I was laying there inspecting the under side an I see something on the edge of the front cross member. As it was just sitting there and could have easily fallen off, I plucked it down to see what it was. At first glance, I thought it was a piece of hose that was trimmed off long ago and that's where it had fallen. Well imagine my surprize when I cleaned it off and it's the plug from the engine block!!! I have been thousands of miles over numerous bumps and rattles and that plug never fell off!!! ROFLMAO!!! So, whoever it was out there that recently lost theirs, if you still need it, I'll send it to you!
(still getting a chuckle out of it!)
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