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Into the Abyss...

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Well folks, I have place my 71' GT into the hands of MVP German Auto Specialists in Tucker Georgia. They will do anything you want them to, from frame up restoratio to just fixing a few things.

They are basically going to make a list of things that are to be done, and then I get to pick and choose as my finances will allow. I have the engine in there, and I think that this is probably the way it will go...

New front mounted intercooler and radiator.

Electical system and gagues (like speedometer and tach etc..)

Shore up and get the suspension firmed up, and probably lower the car.



I am still a long way away, but now at least I am working with a restoration place that after meeting them gives me alot of confidence. They will be looking at the car this week (and not charging for the list and look which will more than likely take some time), and then once I hear back from them and start on the process I will keep everyone informed as to how it is going.

I will say that the considerable information that I have already garnered from this site is great. Things like the wiring diagram will save much time and money in the long run.

But as I said, I will be keeping this updated so that I can get suggetions and any tricks that will help to again keep that cost down.

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When you get the quote let us know how much. I have some work that needs done and would like to farm out some of it. (A/C install, body work, painting, etc)

How did the meeting with MVP German Auto Specialists go??
Have fun in the windy town, sorry I will not see you at the car show near Gene's place in Snellville.
Any word yet??
benncojr said:
Any word yet??
I am trying to keep the thread from jumping to another thread.

I saw on that you are getting the suppension worked on, what are the other items that the company said and how much?
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