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I recently bought a NOS fuel pump off ebay. It is an APG model, and [email protected] listed it as from a '68 Kadett with the 1.5 litre CIH (the only year they were made, and I used to own one).

I bought it just 'cause it was cheap (I think I may have out-bid Alan Clift for it!), but is it OK for my stock low compression 1.9 engine? It looks exactly the same as the original stock unit on my engine, except the hose connections are a slightly smaller diameter. Anyone know if it will deliver sufficient fuel for my engine?


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I'm not sure if this helps, but I used to own a Kadett Wagon of the same year and the fuel pump constantly vapour locked. (Nothing that 45 minutes standing around waiting for it to cool off wouldn't cure..). I ended up bypassing the OEM pump with an external electric pump.

If you want to test fuel flow rate, why not disconnect a fuel line and measuring volume during a cranking test. (and now a few words about shop safety..) I suspect that if fuel flow for the 1.5 fuel pump is of lesser capacity than the 1.9, it may only be an issue during sustained full throttle conditions, an unlikely scenario for a collector car. btw, the 1.9 OEM fuel pump part number in 1971 was G816030.

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