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is this a mirrior image?

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this is a pic of a engine in a GT on ebay. just one thing that confuses me. its all BACKWARDS!!! is this a mirriored image, since the carb, windshield washer tank bottle, plugs, and ect are on the wrong side of the car?
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inversed picture

I saw that too. I figure he was just testing to see if anyone interested in the car knew what they were looking at!
ya, well he almost caught me...lol. i seent he windshield washer bottle, and was like that must be a overflow can then i realized what it really looked like, then noticed the spark plugs on the wrong side of the motor right along with that beautiful weber.....
wish it was right then i could get a right hand drive one without all the alterations for the uk
definately a mirror.
mirror image

Photo shop: inverse image.
that usually happens when people scan their own photographs and are trying to rotate the picture, they end up flipping it.

inversing an image in photoshop will make it a negative not flip it.
mirror image

Yep, your right. It was the flip horizontally button.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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