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Is this really an Opel???

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Another Ebay Find

Is this really an Opel???
If so- please tell me a member of this site will buy it! If I hadn't bought a house in August and and Engagement ring last week, I'd have to seriously consider it!
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This is an Opel, but, just the mechanicals. Looks to be that a lot of the parts were from a 1.1 Kadett. The body is something else, but, nothing even close to an Opel.
I think it's one of the early Kadett wind tunnel aerodynamic prototypes...if you look closely, you can see a lot of the Kadett styling points..... :D :D
M 32 is the A model Kadett sport coupe.
The engine looks like a 1.0
Even the right hub caps
Well, whatever it is, it's ugly enough to be cool! ...Not sure what my buddies would say if I showed up at the Air Station driving that thing though!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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