I have decided to sell my Isky OR-77 hydraulic cam with a set of 8 hydraulic lifters. These parts are new and everything in the pictures is what is being sold. Price includes shipping, which will likely be done in two packages with USPS or the shipping company of the buyer’s choice. Shipping costs will include insurance for the cam at $400 and the lifters at $100. Payment can be done using PayPal or a cashier’s check. I’m estimating shipping to cost $60, and as long as shipping isn’t insanely more than that I’ll cover any difference.

If the buyer is outside the continental US, I’ll sell these parts for $500 plus shipping costs.

This cam was made by Isky for Charles Goin. According to him in previous conversations, this cam has the profile of the OR-66 with the duration of the OR-77. So that would mean a duration of 284° with 0.43" of lift (both OR-66 and OR-77 had the same amount). I'm not entirely sure about duration at 0.050" of lift, as this would be impacted by the profile for a hydraulic cam. The OR-66 lost 40° of duration at 0.050" and the OR-77 lost 36° of duration at 0.050". So, I'd anticipate losing 40° of duration. Using the OR-77 opening and closing points, the LSA is 110° which is what the intake and exhaust lobe centerline angles were.

The hydraulic lifters are not compatible with Harland Sharp roller rockers as-is, in case the buyer has a set. Inserts are needed and these lifters would need to be modified by someone who has the ability to handle this task. I do have a set of inserts that I'm not using at this time, which could be discussed.

I am offering this first to Charles who sold it to me but if he passes on it, then it goes to whoever wants it.