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The Import, Kit/Replicar show is next weekend at the Carlisle fairgrounds in Carlisle, PA. There are 34 Opels pre-registered for the showfield and there will be over 800 vendors selling only parts for imports. I'll be at J-36 & J-37 with the Opel Co-Op from Friday thru Sunday. There will be a Fiat 850 given away at 3:00 on Sunday. Visit http://www.carsatcarlisle.com for more info.

If you live in the Northeastern part of the U.S. try to make it there and stop by and say "Hi".

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Another Carlisle already....I can't believe how much I didn't get done to the Manta's.
Oh well, no use worrying now...almost time to pack the cooler, pick Derek up from the airport, load the i200 on the trailer....and head South for a great weekend.
Looking forward to seeing all the regulars, and some new faces....party on!!

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For all the "partying" non-PA residents coming to Carlisle, beer can ONLY be bought at beer distributors & bars. Hard licquer & wine can ONLY be bought at a "PA State Store". I believe there is only 1 beer dist & state store in carlisle. They are only open till about 9pm and NOT open on Sundays. Beer only can be bought at a bar(until 2am)for "take out" & has a 2 six-pack limit per person. You will pay twice as much at a bar for beer too.

SO, You may want to BYOB. That way you know what you want & will have enough.

See you in Carlisle,
Tom C
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