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For sure!! I did about 4 runs each in different configuration, and then I started to lose track when looking at the graphs, lol. I have since been VERY diligent on keeping notes.

For the time being, I'm using the Air Correctors and Fuel Jets. I see the Emulsion tubes, I know what they do, but I'm not sure I wanna dive into that just yet. I've got it fairly dialed in, now that I'm back home. Did another run with the 150 Fuel Jet and 200 Air Corrector. Oddly, less spikes in the Lean Dept. But I also changed my Idle jets, I was right on the cusp of 55 and 50. I think the idle jets calmed down the spiking.
I like like tuning, but it's one of those things, you can obsess about it, until it isn't fun anymore, lol. I long range shoot, too, and same thing, gotta know when to walk away, lol.
I found this older thread to be a very enjoyable read, the majority of the focus is on the idle and progression stages, closer to what you have than our little 4 cylinder engines. The first half of the very long thread is really educational, the second half towards the end it looses its focus like any typical lengthy thread.

I’d be surprised if you hadn’t read it before.
It lured me in particularly when he removed the factory air corrector jets for the idle circuit, thread tapped them and replaced them with various sized air correctors, obviously there’s a whole range of idle jets to choose from, this just adds a whole new perspective on jetting the idle circuit. Some good fine tuning discussions.

Detailed pics etc of the 38/38 that you put together I would think would be of interest if you post them up here.
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