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Subscribers to the Opel Motorsports Club (OMC) newsletter "The Blitz" should be receiving their copy in the mail this week of the July/August 2008 issue which is Volume 28, Issue 4. If you do not receive yours this week, please send an email to "JoinOMC(at)opelclub.com" and copy me at "opelclub(at)charter.net". This way both the treasurer and secretary will be aware of the delivery issue and will work to correct the matter ASAP. Also, I will be sending an email to all of the OMC on-line subscribers to "The Blitz" today (September 22, 2008) that will contain the link to the on-line version. If you are an on-line subscriber and do not receive my email within the next couple days, please send an email to "JoinOMC(at)opelclub.com" and copy me at "opelclub(at)charter.net". As with the print subscription, we will work to correct the email distribution problem ASAP. Finally, please check the mailing label on the envelope your copy of "The Blitz" arrives in for your upcoming subscription expiration date. Currently, this is your only notice of your renewal date (there may be an improvement to this system in the future - stay tuned). If you are within a couple months of your subscription expiring, please renew using the instructions contained on the inside cover of "The Blitz" publication.

This month's "The Blitz" contains many interesting articles including:

  • Web Poll: Manta vs. Capri
  • Manta A Carrera
  • Opel Insigna - Can History Repeat Itself?
  • Opel 1900 vs. Capri
  • Modern Evolution
  • Mad-Max Manta
  • Tech Tip: “Major” Model-Year GT Part Changes
...and more! This is yet another great issue and I encourage everyone active on this site to also subscribe (in print or electronically) to "The Blitz". I firmly believe having an active club under which to hold organized events, conduct meets, etc. is a crucial part of any great car community. I also believe that, even in in today's electronic world, there is still a place for a good old fashioned newsletter.

Best regards,

Matt Newman
Vice President/Secretary
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