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I have owned two Opel GT going back to my college days. Both were 1970 models. I was over at my dads the other day helping him clean out the garage and he told be he wanted me get get rid of that engine and all those car parts. I had forgot that I bought the second opel so I would have a supply of spare parts if anything ever went wrong with my main ride.

About 20 years ago I took apart an OPEL GT from the engine down to the crome and bagged and boxed them away for safe keeping. I have an engine clutch, hood, door, seat, glass, maifold, wiring harness and who know what else still over at my dads. I sold my opel years ago when I was out of state. If any one is interested in buying any of the parts let me know and we can work something out. I live in Canton, Ohio and some of the parts are very large. like the engine and the hood but I will ship them if you really need them.

I have some pictures of the engine and can take some of the other parts if you let me know what you need.

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Opelitis Strikes in Canton, Ohio

Mark, Just don't rush into getting rid of those parts. Sounds like you are already a GT Packrat! Contact with an ancient cache of GT parts can bring on an extreme case of Opelitis! You may well feel the urge to revisit your youth and hunt down another GT. The "bug" is obviously dormant in you. :D

I am sure there will be some takers for your carefully stored parts. LOL

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I kinda agree with Jim.

I love the SVO that I currently own, and will love the Syclone I plan on buying once the SVO is sold.

But I still miss my old GT.

I get to work on it though, so it isn't that bad. (And I'll get to work on the SVO as well, Friends will own both)


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i gotta pretty good set of doors pavogg, off from a 70 GT....your only about 2 hours away, maybe you could come and pick it up yourself and save on shipping?
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