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Just got my 1st gt did i pay to much?

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Just wanted to know if 500.00 was to much for a 1971 GT .The car sat in a barn for 20plus years you couldent even tell what color it was after giveing it a good wash it was yellow there is no rust and the interior is in mint condition. couldent find any dints the car looks to be in helthy condition.the carb needs to be redone but after a little ether it started right up dont wory i dident let it run long it needs a oil change lol :)
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not bad at all, i'd say you struck gold.
i agree

great deal
Gotta say that sounds great. I might be jealous ... :D
I'd have to agree with the rest!

You must have struck pay dirt!!! The engine sitting so long may cause you to replace a Gasket set, water pump ect... But Great find & price if the interior is almost mint!!! I know I'm Jealous!!!
Oh yea

It's like winning the lottery when you have a run of luck like that. Congrats!!!
Thats not a good deal. That is a GREAT deal. Welcome to the world of Opel :D
thats an amazing deal... sounds like after a paintjob, some gaskets and what not you'll have yourself a really nice ride, congrats on the excellent purchase... there wasn't another one there with my name on it was there? :D ... i wish
Thanks for the feed back .

hay all thanks my wife now thinks im going to give the car to her but well she is rong agin cant waight to get some pics of her the car so i can brag some more now all i need to do is give her a cool name any sugestions. I found the sails slip and owners manual it still has the factory spaire and jack never used they traded a 1966 migit 2 for the car wouldent mind haveing that car also. :cool:
lol sorry but if i find another i will let you know
+ What is mileage (miles) on the odometer?
+ Does dash have usual crack at VIN plate (located driver's side windshield area)?

$500 was a Great Deal!

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the od says 26000 but i couldn't say that it is true as for the dash it is in mint condition
sounds good to me just might check the wiring where it goes to the headlights. found out that the ruber cracks after being stored for a long time and can short out and burn to the ground. had one do it to me and have caught it on a couple of others.
i have 8 gt
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