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Kadett Caravan window gasket replacement

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window gasket replacement

Has anyone discovered a suitable replacement source for Kadett Caravan window gaskets? I have the body on my '71 to the point of either going ahead with primer and paint, or taking the additional time and trouble of removing the rear side glass in the cargo area to really do the kind of quality work that justifies the years it has taken so far.

I'm thinking - there must be a company out there somewhere that makes replacement gasket material by the foot that may cross-reference or be a near-match for what I need to do. Heck, something out of a late '50s domestic or something along that line.

Even if there has to be one joined segment when the glass is reinstalled would be better than 30+ year old rubber, right?

If worst comes to worst, I'll leave the sides in and mask carefully, but I really, really do want to find a replacement for the window gasket on the rear hatch, for fear of losing the window at high speed (HA!!) Any help is appreciated! Brian
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try these guys. Not the cheapest, but awesome quality, great customer service, and free samples of any of the pieces you think might work. Every time I've called for samples, theyve gotten to me within a week.
Thanks, Stephen. Their site looks extensive. I'll do some browsing and see what I can come up with. It would probably also not hurt to spend a few hours at the local yard perusing a span of makes, models and years.
pop outs

That's how I found out that the pop-out window gaskets from a Ford Festiva work great in the middle windows of the Kadett wagon. Not a lot of guys looking for that particular application, so I didn't mention it before.
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