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kadett exhaust upgrades

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I think i'm finally ready to upgrade the exhaust system on my
kadett... I've got a sprint manifold and I guess I'll be going with a
2 inch system as most people recommend... do you suggest just welding 2in. tubing where the stock down pipes meet?? I've heard that some people choose to extend the tubes another ten inches or so before merging them... what are the advantages to that? increased torque? also, can anyone suggest good mufflers for this system? should i use two mufflers (is that what they are?) as in the original system or will just one do the trick? if anyone has any exhaust ideas for the kadett, i'd be glad to hear
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Kadett exhaust experience

With my Kadett I used a long tube
header that I bought from JC Witney that was meant for a GT. I had to make a couple tweeks to it and modify a few
brackets (like on the starter I think...it was about 10 years ago). Then I used
2 1/4 in mandrel bent pipe back to a short turbo muffler for '70s Firebird/Camaro. And then I did 2 1/4 out and a dual outlet Monza style. It was a great sounding exhaust. Pretty throaty without drown. The engine was pretty stout, too so that helped. 10.5:1 pistons, ported head, mild cam, and worked carb. I'll try to find a photo of
the hedder from when I was putting the car together. If you can't find a long tube hedder for sale you can probably get a hedder fab kit from Summit Racing and find someone with a tube mandrel bender and make your own.
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