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Kadett exhaust experience

With my Kadett I used a long tube
header that I bought from JC Witney that was meant for a GT. I had to make a couple tweeks to it and modify a few
brackets (like on the starter I think...it was about 10 years ago). Then I used
2 1/4 in mandrel bent pipe back to a short turbo muffler for '70s Firebird/Camaro. And then I did 2 1/4 out and a dual outlet Monza style. It was a great sounding exhaust. Pretty throaty without drown. The engine was pretty stout, too so that helped. 10.5:1 pistons, ported head, mild cam, and worked carb. I'll try to find a photo of
the hedder from when I was putting the car together. If you can't find a long tube hedder for sale you can probably get a hedder fab kit from Summit Racing and find someone with a tube mandrel bender and make your own.
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