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kansas city area opelers

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hey everyone...

on the last saturday of each month during the summer, the sonic in spring hill, ks, hosts a cruise night. i plan on going each month, and would like to extend an invitation to everyone who can make it.

the cruise generally starts around 6 or 7 pm (come early for good parking spot). they have food deals, and cars galore!! it would be kind of neat to see 4 or 5 opels in the crowd. i have never seen even one! (some guy drove a pinto to one last year!!)

this is still 2 weeks away, so i hope this is enough notice. hope to meet everyone there!!
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I guess I cant make it either

I hope to make it in June to the Sonic drive thru.

PS:I drove from KC to Lawrence KS on Sunday.It was really windy but the GT really does well for a small car.The straight thru resonator and the glass pack
sounds as great in my neighborhood as it does on the open road!

I filled up tonight with gas. I spent over $25 on a tank of gas for Celeste...
most fun for $25 I have ever had...$2.09 for mid grade.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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