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Specifically, the last issue of Opel Motorsport Club's publication, The Blitz.

OMC has been publishing The Blitz since the 1980, over 40 years, and I have been its editor and principal writer for the past nine. Over six months ago I informed OMC's president, and Gil Wesson, that it was time for someone else to take over. OMC's president, Paul Kaman called upon two other officers to head up the search for the next editor, and so far they have had nothing to report. If we don't find a suitable replacement soon, OMC is likely to call it quits.

Either way, if we get a new editor and the next issue is my last, or we don't get a new editor and the next issue is the last, would you like to add something to it? A story? A photo? Anything? I missed the summer issue so we have it in the budget to exceed the 40-page limit in my final issue. Let me know.

Mike Meier
c: (707) 776-7145
e: [email protected]
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