Just wanted to post it here in case anyone was interested.
The wife and I have decided to let the gt go and hoping to just trade out for a pull behind travel trailer or large pop up camper.
Now that my son has his own ride and last yr in high school and working part time he is no longer interested in the gt either.
So now that both the boys can fend for them selves we would like to do some traveling/camping/fishing
I also have a tow dolly I have fully restored to go with it.
I have over around $ 7500.00 or better invested.
Some will probably say it's the best parts car one might find. And you maybe right
It needs metal work that I'm just not interested in fooling with along with misc warts that have popped up
here is the link if anyone is inclined to look on Craigslist.
I can always find another later down the road if I decide but for now we have changed our interests.
Thanks for looking,