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Lifters, Hydraulic or Solid?

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I was looking on OGTS at the cam setups they have because when I return from deployment I wanted to overhaul the engine on my GT, while looking at the cam setups they said hydraulic or solid lifter grind and I thought, hey I don't even know if I have solid or hydraulic lifters. I've owned my GT for almost 20 years now, but due to being in the Navy and constantly moving it's been in storage for close to 18 of those 20. I have a 1970 GT, but I don't know if it's the solid lifter, 3 bearing cam, flat top piston, or low comp. pistons, 4 bearing cam and hydraulic lifters. (Probably because I didn't know of this GREAT website back then!) So, my question is, if I do have the solid lifter setup, is there any reason I can't go with a hydraulic grind cam and hydraulic lifters? I searched the message board, but didn't find anything that would confirm my suspicion that it wouldn't be a problem. Thanks for your help!

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you should have no problem, just as long as you use the right lifters for the right camshaft. solid lifters with solid grind, or hydro lifters with hydro cam. the lifter bores are the same for the solid and hydro lifters. i'd still like somebody more knowlegable than me like rallybob or somebody of the sort to give you a deffinate confirmation.
buck, just curious. Has the storage place been starting it for you or is it a static storage. I had my car in storage for a 6 month westpac, and they started it once a day. That's a lot diff from a 18 yr. storage!
It's been a static storage, every time I got the chance to go home I would spend the day checking it over, fire it up, and run it around, never had any problems, except with my Father threatening to steal parts off of it for my Moms Opel!
OH! That's harsh! Why would he do it! Oh, what a mean, cruel world!.........hee-hee. Tell your dad he can have parts IF he buys you new as a "Welcome Home" gift. As for the other, I like the sound of hydros over solids, or non-sound as it were.
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