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I'm working on a 70gt rustbucket, I'm trying to get the front and rear tail lights, turn signals, brake lights, parking lights to work. I have constant power to these lights, but no power to the gas gage wire. Doe's this sound like crossed wires or a switch problem?, or something else?. Thanks, Mike

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Earth Wire

Had lots of trouble with the wiring in the back of my GT and found that all the wires to the Rear lights had melted themselves to the rear of the fuel tank!

Original Opel wire insulation has passed its use by date and needs replacing NOW - before fire claims another victim.

There is a bit said about renewing headlight wires but the ones to the rear need replacing too.

One of the major problems with lights is earthing - especially through old rusty bodies. So when renewing the rear wires run a heafty earth wire back there to. One end attached to the battery negative terminal and the other having all the rear electrics eath wires attached to it ( usually the black ones that push on to spade connectors on the body near each light).

The "riceboys" make up a disc with connectors on it on the end of the wire from the earth side of the battery to make it easier to connect up this non-standard wiring extension.

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Your blue/black wire off your tank sender is a wire that senses resistanc to ground thru the sender (3.3 Ohms to approx 90 Ohms)
3.3 Ohms if Full; 90 Ohms is Empty.

It goes to the red connector pin four. IF you pull the red plug you can read the sender resistance readings. To see if it is working, etc.

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