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light lens bucket

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hey all of the tail and brake light bucket (the sliver plastic things that the light bulbs are in) are cracked and broken. does any one have a good set? if so how much$$?
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ME ME!!! make offer i guess i have your email i'll send pics in the daylight. they will be coming off my car since i have new ones to put back on it(no you cant have the new ones either but nice try) incase you all are wondering its an inside joke between us about the nice try part
i think me and jordan already got it figured out last night
sounds like i'm trading 3 buckets for a couple of lenses.
sorry i somehow ended my post early, didnt mean to. he said last night he only needed 3. so thats why i'm trading 3 incase you all were wondering.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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